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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Material And Components }

344.  A photoconductive diode
A. is normally biased inthe forward direction
B. is only sensitive to infrared light
C. becomes more conducting with increasing exposure to light
D. is sometimes called a solar cell
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345. With a phototransistor
A. no voltage is applied
B. the light is incident on the collector junction
C. the base electrode is connected to the emitter
D. the active area is large
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346.  The light-emitting diode
A. is usually made from silicon
B. depends on the ecombination of holes and electrons
C. gives a light output when increases with increase in temperature
D. uses a reverse-biased junction
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347. The semiconductor layer
A. depends on stimulated emission
B. gives a noncoherent light output
C. is very easy to manufacture
D. gives a light output perpendicular to the plane of the p-n junction
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348.  Microelectronics refers to
A. circuitsusing miniature discrete components
B. only monolithic integrated circuits
C. small circuits made byavaporation, silk-screen, or semiconductor techniques
D. electronic circuits using subminiature tubes
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349.  In a monolithic integrated circuit
A. all components are fabricated in a single wafer of semiconductor material
B. each component is formedin a separate wafer of semiconductor material
C. active components are assembled as separate wafers
D. the components are not isolated from each other
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350.  Monolithic integrated circuits
A. are not made with silicon
B. are made using the diffused planar process
C. havean interconnection pattern formed under the final oxide
D. are madeon ceramic substrates
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