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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Material And Components }

29. As per Biot-Savart law, the magnetic flux density dB at a point distant r making an angle a with the current element dl I is equals cl/Ixr
A. ferrimagnetic
B. diamagnetic
C. paramagnetic
D. ferromagnetic
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30. As per Ampere's work law, the total work done by a unit pole in moving round a single closed path in a magnetic field is numerically equal to
A. ampere-turns enclosed within the path
B. magnetic flux enclosed
C. square of magnetic flux enclosed
D. square of amp-turns enclosed
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31. Permeability of free space equals
A. x 10-9 Hm-I
B. 4m x 10-7 Hm-I
C. it x 10-9 Hm-I
D. Lin x I 0-7 Hm-2
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32. Relative permeability tr of a medium is the permeability relative to
A. air
B. free space
C. water
D. mercury
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33. Magnetic susceptibility x equals
A. torque per unit area
B. magnetization per unit magnetic field intensity
C. dipola moment per unit volume
D. product of magnetization and magnetic field intensity
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34. Relative permeability pr of a magnetic material is given by
A. = ?110
B. + I)
C. -
D. =Jt
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35. Magnetostriction is the phenomenon of
A. producing electricity in ferromagnetic materials
B. producing magnetism in conductors
C. changes in physical dimensions of ferromagnetic materials during magnetization
D. changes in permeability of ferromagnetic material during magnetization
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