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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Material And Components }

330.  The signal-input impedance of a silicon depletion-type FET is
A. very low
B. about 1 kilohm
C. about 100 kilohms
D. about 10 megoluns
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331.  The MOS transistor
A. conducts with a vary low gate voltage below the threshold voltage
B. has a high gate current only conducts with gate voltage above the threshold voltage
C. has only one p-n junction
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332. The signal input impedance of a silicon MOS transistor is
A. below 1 megohm
B. over 1012 ohms
C. depend on the reverse resistance of its p-n junctions
D. between 1 and 10 megohms
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333. A semiconductor junction rectifier
A. is primarily used to rectify power supplies
B. has a high thermal resistance
C. is used in electronic switching circuits
D. is a device which joints two rectifier circuits together
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334. A zener diode
A. has a high voltage characteristic
B. has a sharp breakdown at low reverse voltage
C. is useful as controlled rectifier
D. has a negative resistance
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335.  In a tunnel diode, negative resistance means that the diode current
A. flows only when the diode is reverse biased
B. flows with no applied voltage
C. decrease as the bias voltage increases
D. increased an thebias voltage increases
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336. Tunneling occurs in the tunnel diode
A. only in the reverse direction
B. only when the forward voltage is high
C. when the bias is zero
D. in the forward direction at a very low voltage
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