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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Material And Components }

302. The first step in the planar process is
A. cutting the slices into small wafers
B. applying photoresist to the slice
C. forming a layer of silicon oxide on the slice
D. exposing the slice to ultraviolet light
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303.  One advantage of the oscilloscope display during in-line testing is
A. greater speed
B. greater accuracy
C. that it does not damage the transistor
D. that collector-junction capacitance is reduced
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304. At final test
A. characteristic curves aredrawn
B. actual values of parameters are measured
C. measurements arealways made manually
D. selected spot values are checked on a pass or reject basis
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305. With present automatic test machines
A. tests can bemade for any parameter
B. accuracy is lower than with manual tests
C. several thousand devices can be tested every hour
D.A.C. measurements cannot be made
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306. In environment tests, transiitors are
A. vibrated until they cease to function
B. measured before and after being subjected to various environment conditions
C. always handled very carefully to avoid mechanical shock
D. never monitored while being subjected to the environment conditions
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307. Aging in transistors is generally due to
A. vibration
B. loss of pressure in the can
C. changes in the semiconductor material
D. chemical reactions on the transistor surface
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308. The zinc blende structure is similar to the
A. sphalerite structure
B. diamond structure
C. halite structure
D. structure of table salt
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