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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Material And Components }

134.  In p-type semiconductor, with ND >> NA minotiry carrier electron concentration n equals
A. ND ? NA
B. NA ? ND
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135.  In n-type semiconductor, with ND >> NA minority carrier hole concentration p equals where ND and NA are donor and acceptor concentrations respectively
A. ND ? NA
B. NA ? ND
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136.  If donor concentration ND equals acceptor concentration NA, resulting semiconductor is
A. n-type
B. p-type
C. intrinsic
D. may be p or n type depending on temperature
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137.  When a semiconductor is doped, its electrical conductivity
A. increases
B. decreases in the direct ratio of doped material
C. decreases in the inverse ratio of doped material
D. remain unaltered
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138.  When a normal atom loses one electron
A. the atom loses one porton also
B. atom becomes a positive ion
C. atom becomes a negative ion
D. rest of the electrons move faster
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139. Excess mojority carriers are the carriers which are
A. in excess of the equilibrium number
B. thermally generated
C. in excess of the minority carrier
D. total majority carriers
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140. In any conductor, Hall voltage VH is proportional to where B is the magnetic field
A. B
B. B2
C. B3
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