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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Material And Components }

8. The tape for sealing pipe joints is generally made of
B. Teflon
D. epoxy resin

9. The energy required to liberate an electron from an atom is called
A. kinetic energy
B. potential energy
C. excitation energy
D. ionization energy

10.  A germanium atom contains
A. 2 orbiting electrons
B. two protons
C. four valence electrons
D. six valence electrons

11. A silicon atom contains
A. 2 valence electrons
B. 2 protons
C. 4 valence electrons
D. 6 valence electrons

12.  The valence electrons are
A. free electrons
B. outer orbit electrons
C. inner core electrons
D. located in the nucleus

13.  In n-type germanium, each donor atom contributes.
A. one free electron
B. 2 free electrons
C. free electrons
D. 3 free electrons

14.  In n-type silicon, each donor atom contributes
A. one free electron
B. 2 free electrons
C. 3 free electrons
D. 4 free electrons

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