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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Material And Components }

1.  Relative permeability of copper is
A. Infinite
B. one
C. less than one
D. greates than one

2.  Relative permeability of a paramagnetic material is
A. one
B. less than one
C. little more than one
D. several hundred

3.  Covalent bond energy in germanium is about eV.

4. The following material is paraticularly suitable for use in standard resistance coils and in instrument shunts
A. nichrome
B. graphite
C. manganin
D. Alnico

5. The Miller indices are the same for
A. perpendicular planes
B. crystal planes
C. parallel planes
D. the three crystallographic axes

6.  The main purpose of tempering hardened steel is to increase its
A. ductibilty
B. hardnesss
C. carbon content
D. grain size

7. Interfacial polarisation of plastics increases their
A. magnetic properties
B. power absorption at high frequencies
C. permittivity
D. electrical conductivity

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