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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Induction Motors }

302.  Single phase motors are commercially manufactured for maximum rating of
A. 1 HP
B. 2 HP
C. 4 HP
D. 10 HP
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303. Electric motors are generally designed to have maximum efficiency at
A. full load
B. half full load
C. near full load
D. near half load
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304.  Which of the following motors makes least noise?
A. Capacitor motor
B. Universal motor
C. Shaded pole motor
D. Hysteresis motor
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305. Which of the following motors is used for unity power factor?
A. squirrel cage induction motor
B. slipring induction motor
C. hysteresis motor
D. scharge motor
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306.  Compensating winding is used in
A. ac series motor
B. capacitor-start motor
C. shaded pole motor
D. none of these
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307.  Which of the following motor is generally used in domestic food mixer?
A. shaded pole motor
B. universal motor
C. capacitor-start motor
D. reluctance motor
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308.  A capacitor start type single phase induction motor has its capacitor replaced by an inductor of equivalent reluctance value. If the motor is now switched on to the supply, it will
A. run in the reverse direction
B. not run
C. run with more noise and low torque
D. start but not take the load.
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