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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Induction Motors }

295.  In a servosystem, the voltage induced in the rotor of a control transformer is the
A. driving voltage
B. error voltage
C. quadrature voltage
D. opposing voltage
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296.  An amplidyne is actually
A. a dc amplifier
B. an ac amplifier
C. an induction motor
D. a 3-phase generator
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297.  Which of the following motor is popularly used in driving a refrigerator?
A. dc shunt motor
B. universal motor
C. plain cage induction motor
D. required cage induction motor
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298.  Which of the following motor is popularly used in driving tape recorders?
A. hysteresis motor
B. synchronous motor
C. induction motor
D. universal motor
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299.  For domestic sewing machine, the size of motor required is
A. 10-30 watts
B. 30-60 watts
C. 100-150 watts
D. 250-500 watts
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300. Single phase ac motor generally used for vacuum cleaners is
A. universal motor
B. repulsion motor
C. hysteresis motor
D. reluctance motor
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301.  Under normal operating condition which of the following motors can run at 5000 rpm?
A. Synchronous motor
B. Induction motor
C. Universal motor
D. Repulsion motor
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