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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Induction Motors }

288.  A universal motor operates on
A. constant speed and varying load
B. constant load and verying speed
C. approximately constant speed and load
D. synchronous speed with varying load
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289. The speed of a universal motor can be controlled by
A. introducting a variable resistance in series with the motor
B. tapping the field at various points
C. cent4rifugal mechanism
D. all of these
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290. For a given output and speed, a universal motor as compared to 220 V, 50 Hz supply with require
A. less voltage at low frequency
B. less voltage at high frequency
C. high voltage at high frequency
D. high voltage at low frequency
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291.  Which of the following is the common reason for sparking in a universal motor?
A. Shorted armature winding
B. Open armature winding
C. High commutator mica
D. All of these
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292.  An outstanding feature of a universal motor is its
A. high horse power/kg ratio
B. slow speed
C. poor performance on dc
D. best performance at 60 Hz supply
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293. Single phase universal motor can be used on
A. ac
B. dc
C. both ac and dc
D. rectrified dc
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294.  The most common mechanical method of providing speed reduction for universal motors is to use
A. gears
B. brakes
C. chains
D. belts
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