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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Induction Motors }

281.  The value of the capacitor in a capacitor start motor controls the
A. starting torque
B. speed of the motor
C. efficiency
D. none of these
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282.  In a capacitor-start, capacitor-run motor, the two capacitors
A. have similar construction
B. are of different types
C. have equal capacitances
D. none of these
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283.  The efficiency of shaded pole motor is in the range
A. 5 to 35%
B. 40 to 70%
C. 70 to 80%
D. 80 to 95%
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284. The disadvantage of shaded pople motor is
A. low starting torque
B. low efficiency
C. very little overload capacity
D. all of these
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285.  Rotating magnetic field in shaded pole motor is produced by using
A. salient poles
B. shading coils
C. a capacitor
D. a high inductance winding
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286.  Cross-connecting the commutator bars in repulsion motor minimizes circulating currents caused by
A., unequal air gaps between the stator and armature
B. shorted brushed
C. the short-circuiting device
D. a shorted stator winding
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287.  The commutator in a repulsion motor provides means of connecting the
A. armature windings
B. stator windings
C. short-circuiting device
D. starting winding
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