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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Induction Motors }

274.  Which statement about resistance split-phase motor is incorrect?
A. It is non-reversible
B. The main winding has low resistance but high reactance
C. It has two stator windings called main and starting windings
D. The two stator windings are connected in series across the supply
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275.  Which of the following statements regarding permanent-split single-value capacitor motor in incorrect?
A. It is generally used for exhaust and intake fans and unit heaters
B. It is easily reversed because of its low running torque
C. It has very low power factor at full load
D. It is more sensitive to voltage variations because of its low running toque
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276.  Which of the following statements about universal motor is incorrect?
A. Its direction of rotation can be reversed by reversing the polarity of its power supply
B. It is designed for commercial frequency ranging from zero to 60 Hz
C. It is usually built into the device it drives
D. It is built in small size of upto about 0.5 kW
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277.  All single phase motors have
A. very small starting torque
B. medium starting torque
C. zero starting torque
D. large starting torque
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278.  If a single phase motor runs slow, it may be due to
A. overload
B. low frequency
C. low voltag
D. all of these
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279.  Which of the following single phase motors does not have constant speed characteristics?
A. Reluctance motor
B. Hysteresis motor
C. Universal motor
D. All of these
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280.  A capacitor start single phase induction motor will usually have a power factor of
A. unity
B. 0.6 leading
C. 0.8 leading
D. 0.6 lagging
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