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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Induction Motors }

246.  A universal motor operates on
A. synchronous speed with varying load
B. constant load and verying speed
C. approximately constant speed and load
D. constant speed and varying load
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247.  In a split-phase motor the ratio of number of turns for starting winding to that for running winding is
A. less than one
B. more than one
C. one
D. two
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248. In a hysteresis motor, the rotor
A. has high hysteresis loss
B. has high retentivity
C. is made of chrome steel
D. should have all of the above features
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249.  In a universal motor, normally the ratio of width of brush to the width of comutator segments is
A. 6 : 1
B. 4 : 1
C.(d) 1 : 1
D.(c) 2 : 1
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250. Shading coils,in case of a shaded pole motor, are used to
A. protect against sparking
B. reduce windage losses
C. reduce friction losses
D. produce rotating magnetic field.
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251.  In a shaded pole motor, the direction of rotation is from
A. shadedpole to main pole
B. main pole to shaded pole
C. depends on supply line polarity
D. none of the above
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252.  Which motor has unsymmetrical rotor?
A. Shaded-pole motor
B. Split-phase motor
C. Reluctance motor
D. Universal motor
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