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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Induction Motors }

239.  The starting winding of a single-phase motor is placed in
A. armature
B.(c) rotor is
C.(b) field
D. stator
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240.  The speed of a universal motor is usually reduced by using
A. gearing
B. belts
C. brakes
D. chains
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241.  In case of a reluctance motor, when the load is increased so that it cannot maintain synchronous speed the motor will
A. become unstable
B. draw excessive armature current and may burn out
C. fall out of synchronism and come to stand still
D. run as induction motor
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242.  Which of the following motors would you select for vacuum cleaners?
A. Reluctance motor
B. Universal motor
C. Hysteresis motor
D. Repulsion motor
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243.  Which of the following single-phase motors will be cheapest?
A. Reluctance motor
B. Capacitor start motor
C. Capacitor run motor
D. Resistance split phase motor
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244.  Which of the following applications would need the smallest size of motor?
A. Table fun
B. Sewing machine
C. Domestic mixi
D. Electric clock
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245.  In a shaded-pole motor, rotating magnetic field is produced by using
A. salient poles
B. shading coils
C. copper windings
D. a capacitor
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