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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Induction Motors }

218.  If starting winding of a single-phase induction motor is left in the circuit, it will
A. run faster
B. spark at light loads
C. draw excessive current and overheat
D. run slower
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219.  Most of the fractional horsepower motors have either
A. hard and annealed bearings
B. ball or roller bearings
C. soft and porous bearings
D. plain or sleeve bearings
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220.  Which of the following statements regarding reluctance-start motor is incorrect?
A. It is similar to reluctance motor
B. It is basically an induction motor and not a synchronous one
C. So far as its basic working principle in concerned, it is similar to shaded pole motor
D. the air-gap between rotor and salient poles is non-uniform
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221.  To reverse the direction of rotation of a capacitor-start motor while it is running we should
A. disconnect motor from the supply till it stops then reconnect it to supply with reversed connection of main or auxiliary winding
B. disconnect motor from supply and immediately reconnect it to supply with reversed connections of the main winding
C. reverse the direction of connection of the auxiliary winding and after motor comes to rest then connect auxiliary winding to the supply
D. reverse the direction of connections of the auxiliary winding and immediately connect it to supply
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222.  When a ceiling fan employing a capacitor run motor is switched on, it hums but does not burn. When it is driven by external means, it runs in whatever direction it is made to run. The trouble is due to
A. blown fuse
B. short in the capacitor
C. an open in centrifugal switch
D. an open in capacitor
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223.  Which of the following motors has two separate windings on the motor?
A. Repulsion motor
B. Repulsion induction motor
C. Repulsion start induction run motor
D. None of the above
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224.  A shaded pole motor does not possess
A. centrifugal switch
B. capacitor
C. commutator
D. all of the above
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