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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Induction Motors }

15. In case of the induction motors the torque is
A. inversely proportional to (%/21)
B. directly proportional to (slip)2
C. inversely proportional to slip
D. directly proportional to slip

16. The mechanical load across the induction motor is equivalent to electrical load of
A. R22
B. R2 (-1 ? 1)
C. R22 (S ? 1)
D. 1/R2 (s ? 1)

17. The torque developed in the cage induction motor with autostarter is
A. K/torque with direct switching
B. K x torque with direct switching
C. K2 x torque with direct switching
D. K2/torque with direct switching

18. For which motor the speed can be controlled from rotor side?
A. Squirrel-cage induction motor
B.Slip-ring induction motor
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of the above

19. If any two phases for an induction motor are interchanged
A. the motor will run in reverse direction
B. the motor will run at reduced speed
C. the motor will not run
D. the motor will burn

20. An induction motor is
A. self-starting with zero torque
B. self-starting with high torque
C. self-starting with low torque
D. non-self starting

21. The maximum torque in an induction motor depends on
A. frequency
B. rotor inductive reactance
C. square of supply voltage
D. all of the above

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