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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Induction Motors }

190.  A reluctance motor
A. is self-starting
B. is constant speed motor
C. needs no D.C. excitation
D. all of the above
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191. In a hysteresis motor, the rotor must have
A. retentivity
B. resistivity
C. susceptibility
D. none of the above
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192.  The rotor of a hysteresis motor is made of
A. aluminium
B. cast iron
C. chrome steel
D. copper
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193.  The electric motor used in portable drills is
A. capacitor run motor
B. hysteresis motor
C. universal motor
D. repulsion motor
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194. Which of the following applications always have some load whenever switched on?
A. Vacuum cleaners
B. Fan motors
C. Pistol drills
D. All of the above
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195.  The speed control of universal motor used for sewing machines is by
A. friction
B. varying the resistance
C. tapping the field
D. centrifugal mechanism
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196.  Torque developed by a single phase induction motor at starting is
A. pulsating
B. uniform
C. none of the above
D. zero
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