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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Induction Motors }

176.  The repulsion-start induction-run motor is used because of
A. good power factor
B. high efficiency
C. minimum cost
D. high starting torque
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177. In case of a shaded pole motor the direction of rotation of the motor is
A. from main pole to shaded pole
B. from shaded pole to main pole
C. either of the above depending on voltage
D. either of the above depending on power factor
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178.  In case of high speed universal motor which of the following needs more attention?
A. End play
B. Air gap
C. Insulation in rotor
D. Balancing of rotor
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179.  The wattage rating for a ceiling fan motor will be in the range
A. 200 to 250 W
B. 250 to 500 W
C. 50 to 150W
D. 10 to 20W
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180.  The wattage of motor for driving domestic sewing machine will be around
A. 100 to 150W
B. 40 to 75 W
C. 10 to 30 W
D. 5 to 10 W
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181.  Which of the following single-phase motors has relatively poor starting torque?
A. Universal motor
B. Repulsion motor
C. Capacitor motor
D. All single phase motors have zero starting torque
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182.  Which type of load is offered by cranes and hoists?
A. Gradually varying load
B. Non-reversing, no-load start
C. Reversing, light start
D. Reversing, heavy start
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