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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Induction Motors }

120.  The stator of 5 H.P. induction motor is provided with
A. open slots with tapered teeth
B. closed slots with parallel teeth
C. semiclosed slots with parallel teeth
D. openslots with parallel teeth
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121. The direction of rotation of a 3-phase induction motor canbe reversed by
A. interchanging any two phases
B. supplying low voltage
C. reducing load
D. reducing frequency
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122.  A wound rotor induction motor is usually not selected when
A. variable speed operation is desired
B. cost is the main consideration
C. high starting torque is the main consideration
D. external voltage is to be fed into rotor
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123.  Which of the following features of induction motor helps in preventing cogging of motor?
A. Skewed slots
B. High slip
C. Use of better insulating materials
D. Large number of poles
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124.  The number of slip rings on a squirrelcage induction motor is
A. four
B. three
C. two
D. none
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125. Synchronous wattage of induction motor means
A. stator input in watts
B. rotor input in watts
C. combined stator and rotor input in watts
D. shaft output in watts
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126. If stator voltage of a squirrel cage induction motor is reduced to one-half its normal value, its starting current is reduced to percent of its full-voltage value.
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