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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Harmonics }

15.  For measuring positive, negative and zero sequence voltages in a system, the reference is taken as :
A. Neutral of the system only
B. Ground only
C. For zero sequence neutral and for positive and negative the ground
D. None of the above
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16. The most economic load on an underground cable is :
A. Greater than its surge loading
B. Less thart the surge loading
C. Equal to the surge loading
D. None of the above is necessary
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17.  In case of a 3-phase short circuit is a system, the power fed into the system is :
A. Mostly reactive
B. Mostly active
C. Active and reactive both equal
D. Reactive only
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18. If cc is the angle of voltage wave at which an R-L circuit is switched in and 0 is the impedance angle of the R-L circuit, there will be no transient when the circuit is switched in, if:
A. a = 0
B. = 90 —
C. a = 90 + 0
D. None of the above
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19. An RLC series circuit remains predominantly inductive :
A. At resonance frequency
B. Below resonance frequency
C. Above resonance frequency
D. At the lower half power frequency
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20. A generator is connected to a synchronous motor. From stability point of view it is preferable to have :
A. Generator neutral reactance grounded and motor neutral resistance grounded
B. Generator and motor neutrals resistance grounded
C. Generator and motor neutrals reactance grounded
D. Generator neutral resistance and motor neutral reactace grounded
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21. The positive sequency component of voltage at the point of fault is zero when it is a :
A. 3-phase fault
B. L-L fault
C. L-L-G fault
D. L-G fault
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