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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrostatics }

57. The electric flux density is a
A. phasor
B. scalar quantity
C. vector quantity
D. none of the above

58. Three charges of +3C, -4C and +6C are placed inside a sphere. The total electric flux passing through the surface at sphere is
A. 5 C
B. 13 C
C. 9 C
D. -4 C

59. If the relative permittivity of the medium increases, the electric intensity of a point due t a given charge
A. increases
B. decreases
C. remains the same
D. none of above

60. As one penetrates a uniformly charged sphere, the electric field strength
A. increases
B. decreases
C. remains the same throughout the space
D. is zero at all points inside the sphere

61. Two charge 4 AC and 7 mC are placed 4.5 cm apart. What is the electric potential energy of the system?
A. 5-6 x 104 J
B. 4-2 x 106J
C. 5-6 x 103 J
D. none of above

62. An electric dipole is placed in a nonuniform electric field. It experiences
A. a force but no torque
B. a force and a torque
C. a torque but no force
D. neither a force nor a torque

63. Two point charges are placed on x-axis. A 2 f.tC charge is at x = 10 cm and -1 AC charge is at x = 40 cm. What is the potential at x =100 cm from the origin?
A. 5 V
B.50 V
C. 250 V
D. 5000 V

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