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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrostatics }

50. The force between two charges separated by a distance d in air is 10 N. When the charges are placed same distance apart in a medium of dielectric constant Cr, the force between them is 2 N. What is the value of Cr?
D. none of above
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51. Two small spheres, each carrying a charge Q, placed d metres apart repel each other with a force F. If one of the spheres is taken around the other one in a circular path of radius r, the work done will be
A. zero
B. F x
D. F/27c
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52. Two charges +3 AC and -12 AC are separated by a distance of 0.4 m. Where should a third charge of +3 AC be placed from +3 AC so that it experiences zero force?
A. 0.4 m
B. 0.2 m
C. 0.3 m
D. 0.1 m
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53. For a dipole electric field varies as
D. T-4
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54. When a charge is brought from infinity along the perpendicular bisector of a dipole, the work done is
A. positive
B. negative
C. zero
D. none of above
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55. An a-particle is accelerated through a potential difference of 104 V. The gain in kinetic energy of the a-particle is
A. 2 x 10-4 eV
B.2 x 104J
C. 2 x 104 eV
D. none of above The electric potential at a point in air
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56. due to a point charge is 9 V. If air is replaced by a medium of relative permittivity 3, then electric potential at that point will be
A. 27 V
B. 3 V
C. 18 V
D. 36 V
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