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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrostatics }

29. The ratio of charge stored by two metallic spheres raised to the same potential is 6. The ratio of the surface areas of the sphere is
D. 76--

30. Internal heating of a capacitor is usually attributed to
A. leakage resistance.
B. dielectric charge.
C. electron movement.
D. plate vibration.

31. For preventing the generation of static charge on rubber of flat leather
A. surface is moistened.
B. conductive dressing is done
C. oil compound dressing is done.
D. al of the above.

32. For removing static charge from machinery the
A. machinery is insulated.
B. insulated cabins are constructed.
C. framework is earthed.
D. all of the above.

33. Capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor is not affected by
A. area of plates.
B. thickness of plates.
C. separation between plates.
D. nature of dielectric

34. In a parallel plate capacitor, it a dielectric slab is introduced, then
A. pd between the plates will decrease.
B. electric intensity will decrease.
C.c) capacitance will increase.
D. all of these.

35. A parallel plate capacitor has air as dielectric. The pd between two plates of the capacitor is 200 V. If a dielectric of dielectric constant 5 is now introduced fully between the plates then the voltage across the capacitor.
A. becomes 40 volts.
B. becomes 1,000 volts.
C. becomes 5,000 volts.
D. remains 200 volts as before.

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