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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrostatics }

141. A capacitor having a capacitance of 40 IttF is connected across 250 V D.C. source. The charging current will be least
A. when capacitor is fully charged
B. when capacitor is half charged
C. when capacitor is almost 25% charged
D. initially
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142. A capacitance is a circuit component that opposes the change in circuit
A. current
B. voltage
C. impedance
D. none of the above
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143. If Q and C be the charge and capacity of a condenser, then the energy stored in the capacitor is given by
A. Q2/C2 2
B. ? c2Q2
C. Q2/C2
D. Q2/C1
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144. If the dielectric of a capacitor is replaced by a conducting material
A. the capacitance value of the capacitor will shoot upto very high value
B. the capacitor can store infinite charge
C. the plates will get short-circuited
D. the capacitor will get heated up due to eddy currents
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145. The electrons, in a dielectric, get detached from the atoms under
A. high current
B. high voltage
C. variable current
D. breakdown
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146. If C be the capacitance, V be the potential difference and I be the current,then ? will have the unit of CV
A. frequency
B. power
C. reactive power
D. time
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147. A ceramic and a mica capacitor have the same physical dimension. Which has the higher value of capacitance?
A. Ceramic capacitor
B. Mica capacitor
C. Both have identical value of capacitance
D. It is not possible to conclude on the basis of information supplied
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