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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrostatics }

127. A potential of 400 V is applied to a capacitor, the plates of which are 4 mm apart. The strength of electric field is
A. I 00 kV/m
B. 10 kV/m
C. 5 kV/m
D. 2 kV/m
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128. The ohmmeter reading for a short circuited capacitor is
A. infinity
B. few kilo ohms
C. few megaohms
D. zero
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129. Which of the following statements is correct?
A. Mica capacitors are available in capacitance values of 5 to 20 RP
B. air capacitors have a black band to indicate the outside foil
C. Electrolytic capacitors must be connected in correct polarity
D. Ceramic capacitors must be connected in correct polarity
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130. Which of the following capacitors preferred for high frequency circuits?
A. Air capacitor
B. Electrolytic capacitor
C. Mica capacitor
D. none of the above
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131. An electrolytic capacitor is made to provide
A. low capacitance
B. fixed capacitance
C. variable capacitance
D. large value of capacitance
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132. In order to remove static electricity from machinery
A. construct insulated cabins
B. insulate the machinery
C. ground the framework
D. humidify the surroundings
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133. ®ion around a stationary electric charge has
A. an electric field
B. a magnetic field
C. both and
D. none of the above
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