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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrostatics }

120. What will happen to an insulating medium if voltage more than the breakdown voltage is applied on it?
A. It will become magnetic
B. It will melt
C. It will get punctured or cracked
D. Its molecular structure will get changed
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121.  A capacitor of 80 ttF is charged to a p.d. of 250 V. The charge acquired by it is
A. 0.02 C
B. 0.2 C
C. 0.3 C
D.0.4 C
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122. If an ohmmeter reading immediately goes practically to zero and stays there, capacitor is
A. charged
B. short-circuited
C. lossy
D. satisfactory
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123.  Voltage applied across a dielectric produces an electrostatic field 50 times greater than air. The dielectric constant of the dielectric will be
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124. Out of the fallowing capacitors of identical rating which one will have the smallest dimensios?
A. Aluminium foil capacitor
B. Mica capacitor
C. Ceramic capacitor
D. Paper capacitor
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125. The presence of an uncharged conductor near a charged one increases the
A. charge of the charged conductor
B. capacity of the charged conductor
C. potential of thecharged conductor
D. all of the above
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126. A variable capacitor of 100 pf carries a charge of 0.35 pC. The capacitance is subsequently reduced to 40 pF. The voltage appealing across the capacitor after reduction of its capacitance will be
A. 8750 V
B. 4350 V
C. 2000 V
D. 1500 V
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