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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrostatics }

106. The direction of the lines of force at any point is the direction along which a unit charge placed at that point
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107. It was suggested by that the electric field should be imagined to be divided into tubes of force containing a fixed number of lines of force.
A. Kelvin
B. Newton
C. Faraday
D. All of the above
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108. The number of Faraday tubes of flux Passing through a surface in an electric field is called
A. electric flux
B. electric flux density
C. magnetic flux density
D. electric charge density
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109. The value of E within the field due to a point charge can be found with the help of
A. Faraday's laws
B. Kirchhoff s laws
C. Coulomb's laws
D. none of the above
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110. A point charge of 10-9 C is placed at a point A in a free space. The intensity of electrostatic field on the surface of a sphere of radius 50 mm and centre A is given by
A. 2000 V/m
B. 3000 V/m
C. 3151 V/m
D. 3595 V/m
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111.  The relation between the breakdown voltage V and the thickness (t) of the dielectric is given by V--= At243, where A is a constant depending on the nature of the medium and also on the thickness t.The above statement is known as
A. Kirchhoffs law
B. Faraday's law
C. Baur's law
D. None of the above
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112. Capacitance of a multiplate capacitor is given by0 I"
A. d2 (n - 1)2E,E,A
B. (n - 1)E E A2
C. d2
D. (n - 1)EoerA
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