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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrostatics }

78. A capacitor in a circuit became hot and ultimately exploded due to wrongconnections, which type of capacitor it could be?
A. Paper capacitor
B. Ceramic capacitor
C. Electrolytic capacitor
D. Any of the above
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79. Voltage across capacitor at any time T during charging from a D.C. source of voltage V isOven by
A. v = Ve-t
B. v = V(1-e-e4)
C. v = V2e-tiA.
D. v = V2(1-e)
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80. Energy stored in the electric field of a capacitor C when charged from a D.C.source of voltage V is equal to joules
A. ? CV2
B. ? C2V
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81. The relative permittivity of free space is given by
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82. When 4 volts e.m.f. is applied across a 1 farad capacitor, it will store energy of
A. 2 joules
B. 4 joules
C. 6 joules
D. 8 joules
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83. With steady D.C. voltage from a battery applied to a capacitance, after it chargesto the battery voltage, the current in the ircuit
A. is smaller for larger values of capacitance
B. is greater for larger values of capacitance
C. is zero for any capacitance value
D. depend on the current rating of the battery
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84. The capacitor preferred for high equency circuits is
A. air capacitor
B. mica capacitor
C. electrolytic capacitor
D. none of the above
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