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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrostatics }

71. Three capacitors each of the capacity C are given. The resultant capacity 2/3 C can be obtained by using them
A. all in series
B. all in parallel
C. two in parallel and third in series with this combination
D. two in series and third in across this combination

72. For which of the following parameter variation, the capacitance of the capacitor remains unaffected?
A. Distance between plates
B. Area of the plates
C. Nature of dielectric
D. Thickness of the plates

73. Which of the following capacitors will have the least variation?
A. Paper capacitor
B. Ceramic capacitor
C. Silver plated mica capacitor
D. None of the above

74. In the case of a lossy capacitor, its series equivalent resistance value will be
A. small
B. very small
C. large
D. zero

75. The power dissipated in a pure capacitor is
A. zero
B. proportional to applied voltage
C. proportional to value of capacitance
D. both and above

76. When a dielectric slab is introducd in a parallel plate capacitor, the potential difference between plates will
A. remain uncharged
B. decrease
C. increase
D. become zero

77. Capacitance increases with
A. increase in plate area and decrease in distance between the plates
B. increase in plate area and distance between the plates
C. decrease in plate area and value of applied voltage
D. reduction plate area and distance between the plates

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