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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

36. Intrinsic impedance of free space is given bY
A. Zo = poE0
B. Z0 = ?1-reo
C. Zo = poE0
D. Zo = poE0

37. Fraday's law relating the circulation of surface S is and magnetic flux density B over the electric field E around a closed path C
A. #oE.di tisB.dS
B. E.dj ?ddt B.dS
C. Z0 = E0 B.dS
D.Zo 0E.di = B.dS

38. Maxwell's continuity equation for tune field in varying electromagnetic differential form is given by dp Dp
A. V.J +dta
B. V +
D. V.3 ?= o

39. Maxwell's second curl equation for electromagnetic fields is
A. V x B+ E,oE)
B. V x13 =+E)
C. V x B 41! at a
D. V x B 1.11) + E.) at

40. Poynting vector signifies
A. power density vector producing electromagnetic field
B. current density vector producing electromapetic field
C. power density vector producing electrostatic field
D. current density vector producing electrostatic field

41. Poynting vector gives the
A. rate of energy flow
B. intensity of electric field
C. intensity of magnetic field
D. direction of polarization

42. Ponting theorem relating the electric intensity E, magnetic intensity 11 and the rate of energy flow per unit area at a point gives poynting vector P as equal to
A.E x1-1
D.E.V x H

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