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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

29. AC current can induce voltage because is has
A. constant magneti field
B. varying magnetic field
C. stronger magnetic field
D. high peak value

30. A dominant wave should have
A. no phase shift
B. no attenuation
C. highest cutoff frequency
D. lowest cutoff frequency

31.  Intrinsic impedance of free space is
A. 75Q
C. 377Q
D. 300Q

32. An EM wave incident on a perfect dielectric is
A. fully transmited
B. partially trasmitted and partially reflected
C. fully absorbed
D. fully reflected

33. A circular polarized wave results when
A. magnitude of two waves are the same
B. phases of the two waves are the same
C. magnitudes of two waves are same and phase difference is zero
D. magnitudes of the two waves are same but phase difference is 900

34. The Ampere's circuital law
A. t Bd1 =
B. #oBd1
C. BdI e0.fc1d1
D. 13dIc1d1

35. The Biot-Savart law giving the magnetic flux density B due to a wire carrying current I is(Pt')
A. B =2 1 xdl
B. B = xaR?R2
C. V.E
D. V.E = ?

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