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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

22.  If Is and pr are the absolute and relative magnetic permeabilities of a medium and Ito is the absolute permeability of free space, then
A. VI )10FLT r
B. VI )10FLT r
C. VI )10FLT r
D. VI )10FLT r
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23. Force F eperienced by a charge q placed in static electic field of intensity E is given
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24. Displacement density D and electric field strength E are related by
A. D
B. D = E/E
C. D = eE2
D. none of these
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25. The following law relates the forces experienced by two loops of wires carrying current
A. Coulomb's law
B. Ampere's law
C. Newton's law
D. Laplace Equation
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26. Maxwell's divergence equation in case of static electric field states that
A. V.E = -2?E
B. V.E = Ep
C. V.E = Ep
D. V.E = Ep
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27. Maxwell's curls equation for static magnetic field is given by
A. V.B = po1
B. V.13 =0
C. V.8 = p0J
D. V.8 = po/J
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28. Hysteresis losses
A. generally increase with direct current in a coil
B. are caused by high frequency currents
C. can not be produced in an iron core because it is a conductor
D. not of these
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