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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

239. The 'magnetic field intensity vector of a plane wave is given by
A.P x V x13? V2 P
B. V2 P+ V (V ? P)
C. V2 P+ V xP
D. 2j
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240. where a y denotes the unit vector is y direction. The wave is propagating with a phase velocity
A. 5 x 104 m/s.
B. ?3 x 108 mA.
C. -1.25 x 107 m/s.
D.?3 x 108 m/s.
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241. 55 (V x P) ? ds, where P is a vector, is equal to
A. f P ? dl
B.f V x V xP?d1
C.f V x13?d1
D. fff v?P dv
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242. The wave is
A. linearly polarized in the z-direction
B. elliptically polarized
C. left-hand circularly polarized
D. right-hand circularly polarized
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243. A medium is divided into regions 1 and II about x = 0 plane, as shown in the figure 4.6 below. An electromagnetic wave with electric field E1 = 4? + 3 iy + 5 az is incident normally on the interface from region-I. The electric field E2 in region-II at the interface is
A. E2 = El
B.4 ax + 0.75 1.25 5z
C.3 fix + 3 fiy + 5 iz
D. ?3 fix + 3 fiy +5?
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244. When a plane wave travelling in free-space is incident normally on a medium having Cr = 4.0, then fraction of power transmitted into the medium is given by
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245. A plane wave of wavelength A, is travelling in a direction making an angle 300 with positive x-axis and 90? with positive y-axis. The E field of the plane wave can be represented as (E0 is a constant)j(cut
A. E- = Eo e
B. E=E0e J(cot ?X ? ?x- Z
C. E = Eo e
D.Ec, e
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