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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

232. Laminated cores, in electrical machines, are used to reduce
A. copper loss
B. eddy current loss
C. hysteresis loss
D. all of the above
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233. The area of hysteresis loss is a measure of
A. permittivity
B. permeance
C. energy loss per cycle
D. magnetic flux
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234. Permeance is to reluctance as conductance is to
A. ampere turns
B. inductance
C. capacitance
D. resistance
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235. According to steinmetz hysteresis law,hysteresis loss in a material is proportional to
A. B3 6
B. B1.6
C. B12
D. B2.6
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236. The transformer cores operating at microwavefrequency range, are usually made of
A. carbon
B. copper
C. silicon steels
D. ferrites
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237. the time averaged Poynting vector is
A. null vector
B. vector
C.k 071 az
D. Haug az
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238. A plane electromagnetic wave propagating in free space in incident normally on a large slab of loss-less, nonmagnetic, dielectric material with e> Co. Maxima and minima are observed when the electric field is measured in front of the slab. The maximum electric field is found to be 5 times the minimum field. The intrinsic impedance of the medium should be
A. 120 it S2
B. 607cS2
C. 600 7E
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