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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

15. Gauss's flux theorem states that charge density at that point multiplied bY
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16.  Gauss law relates the electric field intensity E with volume charge density p at a point as
B. V.E =
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17. The divergence of the electric field intensity at any point equals the volume 88
A. D = 924 nr
B. D = 924 r
C. D = 924 nr
D. D = 924 nr
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18. Electric flux inside a conducting spere is
A. zero
B. uniform
C. minimum
D. maximum
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19. Electric field on equipotential surface is
A. zero
B. infinity
C. always perpendicular to the surface
D. always parallel to the surface
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20. Surface integral of the electric intensity is
A. electric charge
B. differential of volume flux
C. net flux emanating from the surface
D. none of these
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21.  In free space with p
A. Continuity equation (V.3 o)
B. Laplacian equation (V2V o)
C. Maxwell curl equation (V x V = o)
D. Maxwell divergence equation (V13 = o)
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