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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

197. The susceptibility of param ty of the iron rod end of the iron materials ginerallylks between
A. 10-3 and 10-5
B. 10-3 and 10-7
C. 10-4 and 10-8
D. 10-2 and 10-5
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198. The magnetic materials exhibit the properly of magnetisation because of
A. orbital motion of electrons
B. spin of electrons
C. spin of nucleus
D. all of the above
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199. The attraction capacity of electromagnet will increase if the
A. core length increases
B. core area increases
C. flux density decreases
D. flux density increases
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200. Which of the following statements is correct?
A. The conductivity of ferrites is better than
B. The ferromagnetic materials
C. The conductivity of ferixes is very high
D.conductivity of ferromagnetic materials is better than ferrites
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201. In which of that of ferromagnetic materials associated with two sets of Other? ned antiparallel to each
A. Ferromagnetic materials
C. Ferrimagnetic materials
D.Antiferromagnetic materials
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202. Mai causes laminations tendency of fan out of repulsion amoat the end caused by force or uneven wear caused by din
A.of noisy solenoid are strong magnetic lines of
B. uneven bearing surface,
C. both of above
D. none of the above
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203. When a bar magnet is bent at its centre moment wil be to form the shape of L, its magnetic
A. 2 times its original value 1
B.1 time to original value
C. times its original value2
D. times its original value
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