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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

183. A point pole having a streng is placed in a magnetic field at a distance of 250 mm from another pole in a What ir and is acted upon by a force of 1.5 N.is the pole strength of the other pole, Wb
A. 147.9 x 10-7 Wb
B. 14.79 x 10-
C. 1.479 xWb
D. 0.1479 x 10-7 Wb
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184. e Biot-savart's law is a general modification of
A. Kirchhoff s law
B.Lerds law
C. Amperes law
D. Faraday's laws re of a
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185. Field strength at the centre of a circular coil of radius r is
A.67 Ajni
B. ) 2rAlm
C.rm r
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186. The retentivity (a property) of ateial for the construction ofis use
A. permanent magnets
B. transformers
C. non-magnetic substances
D. electromagnets
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187. A rectangular magnet of magnetic moment M is cut into two piece of same length , the magnetic moment of each piece will be
A. change the direction of magnetic lines
B. amplify flux
C. restore lost flux
D. provide a closed path for flux
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188. Magnetic moment is a
A. pole strength
B. universal constant
C. scalar quantity
D. vector quantity
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189. The magneto-motive force is the two
A. the voltage across exciting CO11
B. the flow of an electric current
C. the sum of all currents embraced by one line of magnetic field
D. the passage of magnetic field through an exciting coil
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