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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

176. Susceptibility is positive for
A. non-magnetic substances
B. diamagnetic substances
C. ferromagnetic substances
D. none of the above
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177. Two long parallel conductors carry 100 A. If the conductors are separated by 20 mm, the force per metre of length of each conductor will be
A. 100 N
B. 10 N
C. 1 N
D. O. 1 N
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178. A 300 mm long conductor is carrying a current of 10 A and is situated at right angles to a magnetic field having a flux density of 0.8 T; the force on the conductor will be
A. 240 N
B. 24 N
C.2.4 N
D. 0.24 N
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179. A 200 turn coil having an axial length f 30 mm and a radius of 10 mm is ivoted in a magnetic field having a flux ensity of 0.8 T. If the coil carries a current of 0.5 A, the torque acting on e coil will be
A.4.8 N-m
B. OAS N-m
C.0.048 N-m
D. 0.0048 N-m
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180. An electromagnet has 50 turns and a rrent of 1 A flows through the coil. the length of the magnet circuit is mm, what is the magnetic field ngth?
A.500 AT/m
B. 250 AT/m
C.5 AT/m
D. 2.5 AT/m
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181. It is the magnitude and the direction rce per 1.1 m length of a pair of uctors of a direct current line ing 10 amperes and spaced 100 mm
A.22x 10-8N
B. 22 x 10-7N
C.22x 10-6N
D. 22 x 10-5N
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182. are cross-sectional magnet has a trength of 1 x 10-3 Wb and ctional area of 20 mm x 20 mm.What is the strength at a distance 100 mm from the unit pole in air?
A.?3 38 NNVb
B. 633 .8 N/Wb
C. 6338 1?INVb
D. 633 80I/Wb
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