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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

155. 1f the electric field E = 0.1 te-t ax and ? -= 4E0, then the displacement current crossing an area of 0.1 m2 at t = 0 will be
A. zero
B. 0.04 E.,
C. 0.4 co
D. 4 Co
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156. A transmission line of characteristic impedance Zo = 50 ohms, phase velocity v = 2 x 108m15, and length I = 1 m is terminated by a load 11(30 - j 40) ohms. The input impedance of the line for a frequency of 100 MHz will be
A. (30 + j40) ohms
B. (30 - 40) ohms
C. (50 + j40) ohms
D. (50 - j40) ohms
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157. For incidence from dielectric medium (ci) into dielectric medium 2 (r.,2) the Brewster angle Op and the corresponding angle of tranmissionfor E2/e1 = 3 will be respectively
A. 300 and 300
B. 300 and 600
C. 600 and 300
D. 600 and 60?
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158. The Fleming's left hand rule correlates to
A. current, induced e.m.f and direction of force on a conductor
B. magnetic field, electric field and direction of force on a conductor
C. self induction, mutual induction and direction of force on a conductor
D. current, magnetic field and direction of force on a conductor
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159. The unit of relative permeability is
A. henry/metre
B. henry
C. henry/sq.m
D. it is dimensionless
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160. The force between two long parallel conductors is inversely proportional to
A. radius of conductors
B. current in one conductor
C. product of current in two conductors
D. distance between the conductors
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161. Materials subjected to rapid reversal magnetism should have
A. large area of B-H loop
B. high permeability and low hysteresis
C. high co-ercivity and high retentivity loss
D. high co-ercivity and low density
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