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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

8. Curl of vector F can be defined as (pc Fdl
A. V x F =inAS
B. V x F = (pc Fdl
C. V x F = (pc FdS
D.VF = (pc FdS
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9.  D . (V x A) is equal to
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10. For a given scalar function divergence V is given by
A. V VdV, dVy dVz
B. dx dY dz DV
C.V.V = ax + ay + az
D. none of these
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11.  Laplacian of a scalar function F is
B. v2F
C. V x F
D. V x VF
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12. Stoke's Theorem relating the line integration to surface integration states that
A. Os V .F dS = OcF.d1
B. Os (V x F) x dS = OeF.d1
C. Os (V x F) x dS = OcF.d1
D. Os (V .F) x dS = 4cF.d1
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13. Poisson's equation for irrotational field states that
A. V24) -- ?P
B. V2(1? = p
C. v20 __, __92
D. V20 = p2
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14.  Poisson's equation relating the potential V at any point to the volume charge density p at that point states that a
A. V2V = ?
B. V V ? ?P
C. V2V = ?5P
D. A2V = cp
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