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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

106. The time averaged pointing vector, in co/m2, for a wave with E = 24eR0)t+li7). j in free space is-2.4 _
A. a4.8 _
B. -4.8.
D. ---T--c a,

107.  The depth of penetration of wave in a lossy dielectric increases with increasing
A. conductivty
B. permeability
C. wavelength
D. permittivity

108.  The palarisation of wave with electric field vector E. = Eoewot [3z) (ix + y is
B.b) - az
D.2.4 _ (

109.  The dominant mode in a rectangular wave guide is TE0, because this mode has
A. no attenuation
B. no cut off
C. no megnetic field component
D. the highest cut off wavelength

110.  When a particular mode is excited in a waveguide, there appears an extra electric component, in the direction of propagation. The resulting mode is
A. transverse-electric
B. transverse-magnetic
C. longitudinal
D. transverse-electromagnetic

111.  As aresult of reflections from a plane conducting wall, electromagnetic waves acquire an apparent velocity greater than the velocity of light in space. This is called the
A. velocity of propagation
B. normal velocity
C. group velocity
D. phase velocity

112.  A(75 ? j50)12 load is connected to a coaxial transmission line of Zo = 7512, at 10 GHz. The best method of matching consists in connecting
A. a short-circuited stub at the load
B. an inductance at the load
C. a capacitance at some specific distance from the load
D. a short-circuited stub at some specific distance from the load

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