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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

92. Tropospheric scatter is made for communication of frequencies in the range
A. low frequencies
B. high frequencies
C. very high frequencies (VHF)
D. ultra high frequencies (UHF)
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93. Range of space wave communication in metres equals, where ht and hr are respectively the heights of transmitting and receiving antennas in metres.
B. 3550 (III 4 hr)
C. 1.23 (ht + hr)
D. 1.23 (ht + hr)
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94. If the electric field is f = ? ? ar , in cylindrical co-ordinates, then the work needed to move a point charge Q to a point at twice the radial distance is
A. ?KQ/n2
C. +KQ/n2
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95.  In free space E (z, I) = 50 cos (wt ? 0 z) ax (V/m), then the average power crossing a circular area of radius 2.5 m in the plane Z = constant is
A. 65.1 W
B. 32.5 W
C. 130.2W
D. none of the above
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96. The intrisic impedancen of a conducting medium for which = 58 MS/m, 1r= 1 at a frequency f = 100 MHz, is
A. 2.14 x 105 L45?S2
B. 1.84 x 10-3 L-45?
C. 3.69 x 10-3 L45?S2
D. 3.69 x 103L-45?
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97. A half-wave diople is placed at a distance S = y/2 from the apex of a 90? corner reflector. Find the radiation intensity in the direction (A = 900, =0?), given afeed-point current of 1A.
A. 38.2 W/sr
B. 76.4 W/sr
C. 152.8 W/sR
D. 19.8 W/sr
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98.  The depth of penetration of a wave in a lossy dielectric increase with increasing
A. conductivity
B. permeability
C. wavelength
D. permittivity.
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