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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

78. Circularly polarized antenna is
A. Yagi
B. shombic
C. helical
D. log periodic

79. In an end fire array, maximum radiation occurs
A. long the array
B. perpendicular to the array
C. at 30? to the array
D. at 45? to the array

80. Marconi antenna
A. is a wideband antenna
B. is an omnidiretional antenna
C. has corner spacing of X/2
D. has driven elements only

81. A square corner reflector is used in
A. radio astronomy
B. point-to-point communication
C. TV broadcast
D. all the above

82. An underground ground antenna near the
A. acts a single antenna of twice the hight
B. acts as a reflector
C. must be horizontally polarized
D. acts as an antenna array.

83. The effective electrical length of an antenna is
A. equal to its physical length
B. greater than its physical length
C. half its physical length
D. 1/X times its physical length

84. Grounded antenna is used for frequencies of
A. upto about 1.6 MHz
B. 1.0 MHz to 3 MHz
C. 3 MHz to 30 MHz
D. above 30 MI-lz

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