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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electromagnetism }

1.  Scalar or dot product and B indicated by A of two vectors Asin aB of Where a is the angle between the vector A
A. AB sin a
B. AB cos a
C. AB tan a
D. AB cot a and B.
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2. Vector or cross product of two vectors A and B indicated by A X B equals where a is the angle between the two vectors A and B
A. AB sin oc
B. AB sin a iN
C. AB cos a
D. AB cos a iN
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3.  Gradient of a scalar. function results in
A. scalar function
B. unit function
C. vector function
D. periodic function called
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4. Line integral around a closed path is
A. vecto around the path
B. intensity around the path
C. circulation around the path
D. density around the path
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5. Surface integral of a surface is
A. differential of weight
B. differential of volume
C. integral o f surface
D. double integral of surface
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6.  Volume integral of a volume is
A. integral of volume
B. double integral of volume
C. triple integral of volume
D. integral of weight is the gradient of V
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7. Divergence theorem relates surface integral with volume integral as
A. A, (V.J)dV J dS
B.A, V.J dV = Os J. dS
C. (V.J) dV =4 J.ds d
D. 7.1,, (V J)dV = J.dS d
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