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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Transformers }

22. Leakage fluxes of a transformer may be minimized by
A. keeping the magnesising current to the minimum
B. reducing the reluctance of the iron core to the minimum
C. minimizing the number of turns both on primary and secondary
D. sectionalizing and interleaving the primary and secondary windings
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23. If full-load Cu loss of a transformer is 1600 W, its Cu loss at 75% full-load would be watt.
C. 1600 x ,5 /2
D. 1600 x 2473
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24. Before disconnecting an ammeter from an energised current transformer circuit, the current transformer
A. primary should be opened
B. secondary should be opened
C. primary should be shorted
D. secondary should be shorted
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25.  In a transformer, the resistance between its primary and secondary should be
A. infinity
B. zero
C. 500 St
D. nearly 1 K
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26. Transformer works on the principle of
A. mutual induction
B. self induction
C. Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction
D. self and mutual induction both
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27. Shell type tranformer is popularly used because it has
A. more magnetic leakage flux
B. less magnetic leakage flux
C. two magnetic paths
D. both (b) and (c) above
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28. Steel for the construction of transformer core should have
A. high permeability and low hysteresis loss
B. low permeability and low hysteresis loss
C. low permeability and high hysteresis loss
D. high permeability and high hysteresis loss
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