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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Transformers }

113. If the percentage impedances of the two transformers working in parallel are different, then
A. transformers will be overheated
B. power factors of both the transformers will be same
C. parallel operation will be not possible
D. parallel operation will still be possible,but the power factors at which the two transformers operate will be different from the power factor of the common load
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114. In a transformer the tappings are generally provided on
A. primary side
B. secondary side
C. low voltage side (d) high voltage side
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115. The use of higher flux density in the transformer design
A. reduces weight per kVA
B. reduces iron losses reduces copper losses
C. increases part load efficiency
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116. The chemical used in breather for transformer should have the quality of
A. ionizing air
B. absorbing moisture
C. cleansing the transformer oil
D. cooling the transformer oil
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117. The chemical used in breather is
A. asbestos fibre
B. silica sand
C. sodium chloride
D. silica gel
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118. An ideal transformer has infinite values of primary and secondary inductances. The statement is
A. true
B. false
C. both (a) and (b)
D. can not comment
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119. The transformer ratings are usually expressed in terms of
A. volts
B. ampers
C. kW
D. kVA
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