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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrical And Electronic Measurement }

29. Which of the following instruments should be used for measuring ac current?
A. induction type ammeter
B. moving iron (attraction type) ammeter
C. moving iron voltmeter
D. permanent magnet type ammeter
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30. An electrical measuring instrument has senstivity of 1000 ohms/volt. On 100 volt scale, this instrument will have internal resistance of
A. 10S2
B. 104S2
C. 105S2
D. 1000f2
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31. All meters used for measuring current, voltage and resistance are basically
A. multimeters
B. voltmeters
C. current meters
D. ohm meters
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32. The phenomenon of creeping occurs in
A. ammeters
B. voltmeters
C. watt meters
D. energy meters
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33. Swamping resistance is added to the coil circuit
A. to increase the sensitivity
B. to reduce the temperature error
C. to reduce error due to thermal emf
D. to reduce the power drawn by the instrument
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34. Precision measurement of resistances is generally carried out by
A. potentiometer method
B. CRO method
C. voltmeter-ammeter method
D. bridge method
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35. The controlling torque in an indicating instrument is produced by
A. utilizing magnetic, electrodynamic and electrostatic effects
B. spring control or gravity control
C. eddy current
D. fluid friction
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