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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrical And Electronic Measurement }

260. The moving coil in a dynamometer wattmeter is connected
A. in series with the fixed coil
B. across the supply
C. in series with the load
D. across the load
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261. For a given frequency, the deflecting torque of an induction ammeter is directly proportional to
A. current2
B. current3
D. current
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262. The scale of a voltmeter is uniform. Its type is
A. moving iron
B. induction
C. moving coil permanent magnet
D. moving coil dynamometer
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263. An ideal voltage source will charge an ideal capacitor
A. in infmite time
B. exponentially
C. instantaneously
D. none of the above
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264. A dynamometer type wattmeter responds to the
A. average value of active power
B. average value of reactive power
C. peak value of active power
D. peak value of reactive power
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265. A transfer instrument employed in the standardization of a polar type a.c. potentiometer is
A. an electrostatic instrument
B. a thermal instrument
C. a dynamometer instrument
D. a moving coil instrument
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266. In a LVDT, the two secondary voltages
A. are independent of the core position
B. vary unequally depending on the core position
C. vary equally depending on the core position
D. are always in the phase quadrature
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