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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrical And Electronic Measurement }

246. An LVDT is used to measure displacemnt. The output of the LVDT is connected to a voltmeter of range 0 to 5 V through an amplifier having a gain of 250. For a displacement of 0.5 mm, the output of the LVDT is ? mV. The sensitivity of the instrument would be
A. 0.1 V/mm
B. 0.5 V/mm
C. 1 V/mm
D. 5 V/mm
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247. It is required to measure temperature in the range of 1300?C to 1500?C. The most suitable thermocouple to be used as a transducer would be
A. Chromel-constantan
B. Iron ? constantan
C. Chromel- alumel
D. Platinum - rhodium
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248. Strain sensing trandsucers are mode of various materials in various sizes and shapes. The sensitivity of a strain gauge is expressed in terms of a gauge factor. For a certain application, a guage factor of 100 is desired. The proper strain gauge to be used in this case would be
A. Constantan strain gauge
B. Nichroma-V strain guage
C. Semiconductor strain guage
D. Platinum -tungsten alloy strain guage.
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249. An angular position is to be measured using transducer. Which of the following types of tranducers can be used for this purpose? 1. Circular potentiometer. 2. LVDT 3. E-pick off 4. Synchro. Select the correct given below Codes :
A. 1, 2, 3 and 4
B. 1 and 3
C. 1, 2 and 4
D. 1 and 4
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250. In a linear, an input of 5 sin cut produces an output of 10 cos wt. The output corresponding to input 10 cos tot will be used to
A. + 5 sin cot
B. ? 5 sin cot
C. + 20 sin wt
D. ? 20 sin un
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251. Two resistance 100 and 150 are connected in series. If the errors are specified as standard deviations, the resultant error will be
B. ? 10.6 S2
C. ? 15.8 SI
D. ? 20 ci
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252. A sinusoidal waveform, when observed on an oscilloscope, has a peak to peak amplitude of 6 cm. If the vertical sensitivity setting is 5 V/ cm, the rms value of the voltage will be
A. 10.6V
B. 11.1V
C. 12.6V
D. 15V.
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