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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Electrical And Electronic Measurement }

204. Electronic voltmeter provides more accurate readings in high resistance circuit as compared to a non-electronic voltmeter because of its
A. high V/ohm ratings
B. high ohmN ratings
C. low meter resistance
D. high resolution
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205. Modern electronic multimeters measure resistance by
A. using a bridge circuit
B. using an electronic bridge compensator for nulling
C. forcing a measuring the voltage across the unknown resistance
D. colour coding technique ant current
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206. In the case of power measurement by two wattmeter method in a balanced 3-phase system with a pure inductive load
A. both the wattmeters will indicates the same value but with opposite signs
B. both the wattmeter will indicate zero
C. both the wattmeter will indicate the same value with same sign
D. one wattmeter will indicate zero and the other will indicate some non-zero value
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207. A 230V, 104, single-phase energymeter makes 90 revolutions in 3 minutes at half load rated voltage and unity pf. If the eter constant is 1800 revolutions/kWh, hen its error at half load will be
A. 13.04% slow
B. 13.04% fast
C. 15 % slow
D. 15 % fast
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208. strain gauge bridge measures the rain in a cantilever where the gauge fixed. With strain E, the gauge resistance increases from to 0.52 O. If the gauge factor is 2.03, then strain in the cantilever will be
A.2.06 x 10-3
B.2.03x 16-3
C.3.81 x 10-3
D. 4.33 x 10-3
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209. piezo electric transducer has the owing parameter values: tal capacitance = 10-9 F le capacitance = 2 x 10-10 F ge sensitivity = 4 x 10-6 coulomb/cme oscilloscope used for read-out has put resistance of 1 MW in parallel C = 4 x 10-10 F, then the voltage ivity constant will be
A.00 V/cm
B. 3334 V/cm
C.00 V/cm
D. 4500 V/cm
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210. A resi stor of 10k-ohm with 5% tolerance is connected in series with a 5 k-ohms resistor at 10% tolerance. The tolerance limit of the series network will be
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